One shot two birds; Captcha and Recaptcha technology

When you are surfing the internet sometimes you are required to solve something like a puzzle with some blurred words and it is needed in order to access the required page or create an account.

We know it is a much annoying thing and it is a must. Though most of us know it is for nothing but for the security purposes. Yeah! but there are lot of things inside this and I thought about giving some better information about this technology.

Lets move to the history first. Actually Captcha stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computer and Human. The technology was founded by Luis Von Ahn in year 2000, based on turing test which was conducted in 1950. The Captcha was came out in year 2000 and was replaced by Recaptcha in 2007 to get use the valuable human hours.

Captcha gives a simple puzzle with one or two worlds and decide weather the the user is a machine or a human by checking the response for the puzzle. The words in the Captcha puzzle is created in a way that  computer program may not identified it and human brain would do it.

The only problem plugged with this technology is wasting the valuable time. So Luis Van Ahn, the founder  and his team came up for a solution for that and the solution is called Recaptcha technology.

Here the words we used for solving, imports from old scanned books that have to be digitized. Actually the words are words  that can’t be identified correctly by the coputer program for the digitization process. Here we got the advantage that the ability to get solved unidentified words by the program and export them. This is done using the solved puzzles by human. So by 15thDecember 2009 it has been able to digitalize most of the issues of New York Times (1851-1980) using this Recaptcha technology.


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