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Difference between Man and Woman

Have you ever thought about the ways we are thinking. It is actually different according the gender. A man think a way that totally different with a women and their brains works as different ways. So have a look at this…

Men cannot concentrate on one task at the same time, But women can. As an example women can cook while talking over the phone but man cannot do both tasks at ones. They will stop either cooking or talking.

Language skill of women is greater. They can easily learn many languages but has low analytical skill. But for men it is difficult to learn languages. Even so men have a higher talent in solving problems. For an example man can drive a vehicle fast. He can analyze the speed and position quickly whereas women takes a long time to analyze those data.

Lying is a very hard process for the human brain. That is why it takes some time to prepare when you lying. Women can easily lie but men can’t, they will be caught most of the time. So keep in remember that women are big liars….!

A man can analyze a big problem one by one successfully. If a women have a problems it is difficult to handle that for her. Instead, she tell that all to someone and then she does not worry about those problems being solved or not.

Expectations of men are status, success, solutions, big process, etc… But Women want relationship, friends, family, etc…

If a women unhappy with her relations she can’t point on works and If a men have problems with his work he can’t happy with relations.