Sometimes you may have experienced that the unavailability of continuous power from your laptop battery when you are in a long travel, waiting in a lobby or in a long trip. Actually battery power is the key factor in using a lap top in a place without the main supply. Here are some factors that help to keep the battery power some more time. I hope that you will enjoy this article and this will be valuable for you.

Defragmentation of the HD drive

The regular defragmentation of the hard disc drive is not only help to increase the speed but also keeps data very efficient manner

Try to avoid using of external devices

Unplug all the external devices such as USB drives, external hard disc drives, external mouse, pc card, external speakers and also disable Wi Fi, Bluetooth since they are suck more power.

Pause or stop unwanted programs and scheduled tasks

Keep stopping the firewall and scanning processes when you are not on internet. And stop the other startup programs when they are not vital.

Make sure that your CD DVD drive is empty

After you using a CD or DVD do not left it in the drive. Some amount of power is taken to the disc drive in order to spin the disc. Instead of the CD or DVD you can try by making virtual ROM using software such as Microsoft virtual ROM.

Lower the brightness of the display

Try to calibrate the display brightness to the lowest level and turn off the display when not required because the display is a device that sucks more power in a laptop.

Use hibernate option

Using the hibernate option is better rather than keeping the sleep (stand by) mode. In standby mode the display and hard drive turns off while memory is powered and processor is in idle but in hibernate mode the computer completely shuts down keeping the current data on the hard disc by making no power consumption.

Manage your tasks

Actually you should know what kind of programs requires more power. Works on an office document consumes much less power rather than playing a game or using a more graphic intensive program.


A relatively large RAM reduces the load of virtual memory on the hard disc which is a more power hungry device. It also increases the speed and decrease the time for accessing the hard disk.


Modern laptop comes with a Li ion (Lithium ion) battery which has no problem with partially discharge and recharge like old NI MH (nickel metal hydride) batteries. And the thing you should know is complete discharge is not suitable for modern batteries (Li ion). When you fully deplete a lithium battery and don’t start to recharge for a while because it will unable to hold charge.

Packing the battery

When you are not going to use the battery a long time make the battery so as the charge is 40% of its maximum and remove. Remember to keep the battery in a cool place.



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